Rooftop Solar

Putting solar panels on your roof is the keystone piece of achieving energy freedom.

Energy Freedom is all about generating more power than your home uses – and rooftop solar is how we generate the power!

If you don’t have rooftop solar, you are powering your home with electricity and gas generated far away, at a volatile price, and footing a bill that help companies and people you don’t know, and in some cases wouldn’t invest in otherwise, profit.

This is not freedom in any sense of the word.

Getting solar changes this completely – you can generate your own power and can run your home on this power. Rooftop solar gives you freedom from electricity bills – the monthly bill-shock that hits your letterbox and runs havoc with your household budget.

If you’ve caught a plane into any of Australia’s capital cities in the last 3 years, you’ll have noticed that the roofs of our suburban suburbs are getting covered in solar panels, but there is so much more we can do! In fact, the ZCA Buildings Plan found that 8 million Australian homes can fit solar on their roofs, with only 1 million homes having solar today.

Rooftop solar is

  • Safe
  • Long lasting with warranties on panels lasting 25 years
  • Zero Emissions

What about battery storage at home?

An emerging and exciting technology is battery storage. Astute investors are watching the price of battery technologies like lithium-ion batteries fall as the electric car market drives growth and development.

By getting rooftop solar now, you will be perfectly placed to take advantage of battery storage when it becomes economically viable for you to do so.

For some homeowners, who are faced with a grid connection costs or other challenges – battery storage may well be the right option for you today.

Electricity price rise predictions

Electricity prices have risen sharply in the last five years.

Rooftop solar insures you against any further rises which are coming.


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Rooftop solar helps you get off gas!

If you’ve read the ZCA Buildings Plan, or the other sections of this website, you’ll know that using gas in your home is redundant, risky and expensive. We’ve shown how for every service currently provided by gas, whether it be heating or cooking or hot water, electrical alternatives are available that are cheaper, safer and much more efficient to run.

With your electricity powered home you can say farewell to your gas bill completely, and by installing rooftop solar, your electricity will truly be yours.

Gas prices are going to go up, so get rid of it and get rid of the worry and bill shock while you save money and energy.

Energy Freedom members can save $150 off any solar system they purchase through Energy Matters.

Contact Energy Matters directly to find out more or to request a quote.