Renew Economy: September 29, 2015

Australian clean energy jobs could be worth $370bn in 10 years

And many of those jobs will be in home retrofitting for energy efficiency and rooftop solar! BZE is launching a new book on October 2, at the Smart Future Cities Conference showing how easily existing Australian homes can be retrofitted to eliminate electricity and gas bills – a follow-up to its Zero Carbon Australia Buildings Plan, that was researched over 3 years.


Echo NetDaily: September 16, 2015

Sustainable house fever grips the shires

The Sustainable House Expo at the Lismore City Hall includes a launch of a new home energy freedom book by Beyond Zero Emissions.






Renew Economy: August 31, 2015

An energy freedom home is a zero emissions home

Stephen Bygrave, CEO of Beyond Zero Emissions, explains how Energy Freedom means autonomy, independence, and empowerment.






The Fifth Estate: August 26, 2015

How to wipe out household energy bills in 9 steps

Australians spend $22 billion on renovations a year and not-for-profit Beyond Zero Emissions aims to capitalise on that market with a new book promising to “wipe out electricity and gas bills” in nine steps…