Energy Freedom Home book launch heralds the start of spring

It was an absolutely stunning spring day, and the Keech family home and garden was packed with visitors. They had come to celebrate the launch of the newly published book, The Energy-Freedom Home. And what better place to launch a book about achieving Energy Freedom than at an Energy Freedom home? 

Keynote speakers Tanya Ha (environmentalist and best-selling author) and Adam Bandt (Federal Greens Member for Melbourne) spoke passionately about the need for more support for home-owners, in particular low-income families, to improve the energy efficiency of their home and install solar. Richard spoke about co-authoring the book with Beyond Zero Emissions in order to share practical tips on how to achieve energy freedom.


Touring a 1913 home that produces more energy than it consumes

The Keech family, Richard and his wife Kate, as well as their 18-year old daughter Emma, spent all day guiding tours through their home and detailing the transformation from draughty, leaky period home, to comfortable, energy efficient sanctuary with no energy bills! Tour highlights included preserving the heritage stained glass windows with secondary glazing, the three solar arrays that produce 5 kw of electricity fed back into the grid, two plug-in cars (one fully electric, one hybrid), and of course the adorable chooks in the garden.

Energy Freedom Home tour

About the book

The Energy-Freedom Home explains nine steps that can be taken to transform Australian homes. Containing detailed, easy-to-follow descriptions of practical problems and solutions, plus over 120 colour photographs and diagrams, The Energy-Freedom Home is the perfect guide to help home-owners liberate themselves from costly and non-renewable sources of energy. Buy it here!