Energy freedom - a comfortable, high performance home that costs nothing to run.

Your home can generate more energy than it uses - a renewable energy powerhouse.

No more bill shock! Control of your electricity bills. No more gas bills.

By combining simple energy efficiency measures with quality electrical appliances and a rooftop solar system, your home can produce more power than it uses.  Moving towards Energy Freedom protects you from rising gas and electricity prices and puts the power back in your hands.


Achieve energy freedom in your home:


Fully insulating your home can cut your heating use by 80%. High performance technologies are available to retrofit all types of Australian Homes.

Rooftop Solar

Your home can be a solar power station! Rooftop solar gives you the power to generate your own energy. Prices and options for battery storage are improving every month.



LED downlights save 80% of the energy used by halogens. LEDs provide quality, dimmable light and are easy to install. LEDs are covered under the VEET scheme and can pay for themselves in under a year.


Draught proofing

Fixing draughty homes improves comfort and can cut winter heat loss by up to 25%. It can also add 2 stars to your home’s energy rating.


Hot water systems

Hot water accounts for up to one third of energy bills. By using the heat from the sun or the ambient air, you’ll cut your bills and emissions every year.

Energy monitoring and control

Gives you real time monitoring of energy use in your home. In Home Displays can save you 9-15% on your energy bill. Available under VEET scheme and pays for itself in under a year.


Heating and Cooling

This is the most efficient heater and cooler you can have in your home. Save 60% on your heating bill compared to ducted gas heating!


Cooking and Appliances

Efficient appliances and induction cooktops use half the energy of standard electrical appliances and gas. Cutting out the need for gas eliminates dangerous indoor air pollution.



Double and triple glazing reduces the heat loss and heat gain through windows & doors by up to 85%. Upgrading your windows can cut heating costs by up to 42% and cooling by up to 74%.

Comprehensive research on zero emissions buildings led us to write a book that shows how existing Australian homes can become efficient and comfortable.  You can order this book at your local book-shop.

“The Energy Freedom Home” by “Beyond Zero Emissions“.


The book shows what can be achieved in ordinary Australian homes: Energy Freedom.


Why move towards energy freedom?

  • Slash your energy bills
  • Get a comfortable, healthy and high performing home
  • Reduce your greenhouse gas emissions