The Energy Freedom Alliance – Our Backstory

Energy Freedom by Beyond Zero Emissions brings together households and businesses to transform Australian homes into zero emissions, net energy producers.

The comprehensive buildings energy upgrade research published as the Zero Carbon Australia Buildings Plan shows step by step how existing Australian homes can become efficient and comfortable, and it is this which forms the knowledge base of the Energy Freedom program.

Jenny Lewis


In this backstory podcast from the BZE archives, Beyond Zero Radio’s Vivien and Anthony are joined by engineer Jenny Lewis (pictured) and architect Heidi Lee to talk about the Energy Freedom Alliance – part of the business backbone of the Energy Freedom program and an important part of the Energy Freedom story.

Jenny and Heidi both have wide ranging experience in sustainable buildings, environmental design and were key contributors to BZE’s Zero Carbon Australia Buildings Plan in areas of research and project management.


This show was broadcast on Mon 21th July 2014


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